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This course describes System i Navigator, a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides an "explorer-like" view of IBM i system resources.

The course begins with an introduction to System i Navigator. You will see how to start it, how to request System i Navigator services, and how to use its online help facility. The format of the System i Navigator window is also discussed.

The course then considers two of the tasks for which general users most often use System i Navigator. The course first covers accessing IBM i messages. Among other things, you will see how to view the messages that have been sent to you and how to send a message to another user. Next, the course shows you how to access the integrated file system using System i Navigator. You will see how to create directories and move files between your PC and an System i system.

The course then describes how to define and manage connection definitions. The course ends by describing power techniques that you can employ to more effectively use System i Navigator.

Approximate Study Time: 2 hours


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Start System i Navigator
  • Work with the objects in the System i Navigator main window
  • Display a pop-up menu for an object in the System i Navigator main window
  • Change the appearance of the System i Navigator main window
  • Access the System i Navigator Help facility
  • Use System i Navigator to work with messages
  • Create or remove an IFS directory using System i Navigator
  • Work with files in IFS directories
  • Create a connection definition
  • Verify a connection
  • Change your IBM i password
  • Move and/or copy IBM i objects using drag and drop mouse operations
  • Sort lists in the System i Navigator details panes
  • Use the System i Navigator Find function to locate the next occurrence of a text string in a details pane
  • Use the Include option in the Integrated File System folder to list only certain files

Topic Outline

Introduction to System i Navigator

Working with Messages

Using System i Navigator for File Access

Working with Connection Definitions

Power Techniques


The course is intended for anyone who will use System i Navigator to access an IBM i system. This audience includes managers, programmers, operators, end users, and other personnel.


This course assumes that you are familiar with the concepts and basic operations of an IBM i system. You can satisfy these prerequisites by successfully completing the following courses of the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series: