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This course covers the basic skills needed to use an IBM i system. As you will see, most users can easily select the functions they require by using a hierarchy of menus and other panels.

The course begins by showing you how to sign on an IBM i system. It then discusses the four types of IBM i panels: menus, data entry panels, lists, and information panels. You will see the general rules for navigating through the menu structure, for entering data, and for performing operations on the objects in a list. As part of this discussion, you will see how to send messages to other users and how to sign off the system.

Next, the course describes how you can change the level of assistance provided to you by the system.

This course then describes IBM i message types. You will see how to review the messages sent to you, how to delete the messages you have read, and how to respond to messages that require an answer.

The remainder of the course covers the IBM i help facilities. These facilities let you ask for help information about a specific message, panel, input field, column, or menu option. You can also locate information about tasks or procedures and about general topics.

Approximate Study Time: 2 hours


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Sign on an IBM i system
  • Navigate through the IBM i menu structure
  • Sign off the system either permanently or temporarily
  • Fill in fields on a data entry panel
  • Select objects from a list
  • Identify the various types of IBM i panels and messages
  • Use system functions to perform the following tasks:
    • Display the Operational Assistant menu
    • Change your password
    • Send a message to another user
    • Change the level of assistance provided to you by IBM i
    • Display messages sent to you
    • Respond to messages that require an answer
    • Delete messages that you have read
    • Ask for system help information about a specific message, panel, input field, column, or menu option

Topic Outline

Signing on an IBM i System

Using Menus

Data Entry

Assistance Levels


Using the Help Facilities


The course is intended for anyone who will use an IBM i system. This audience includes managers, programmers, operators, end users, and other personnel.


While this course has no formal prerequisites, a minimal knowledge of computer fundamentals is assumed.