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If you are like many IBM i users, you frequently need to get information from a DB2 database. This request for information, or query, can be easily described and run using the IBM Query for i product.

This course begins with an introduction to relational database terminology and Query facilities. You will see how to access the Query displays from which you define and manipulate queries.

You will then see how to define and run queries. Starting with very basic queries, you will proceed to more advanced queries, such as a query that generates summary data and a query that joins two files. The course ends by describing Query's report formatting capabilities.

Approximate Study Time: 2 hours


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Use and define relational database terminology
  • Display the Work with Queries display
  • Define a query that:
    • Returns all records and all fields in a file
    • Returns records from a file in a specified order
    • Returns only selected fields from each record in a file
    • Returns only selected records from a file
    • Creates a new field that is derived from existing fields
    • Joins two files
  • Run a query
  • Use Query report formatting capabilities to:
    • Edit numeric data
    • Specify column headings for the data returned by a query
    • Generate a query report that includes summary data
    • Create a report that uses control breaks
  • Specify whether the data returned by a query is displayed at your workstation, routed to a printer, or written to another file
  • Define the printer and report characteristics for a printed report

Topic Outline

Introduction to Query for i

Defining and Running a Basic Query

Advanced Querying Capabilities

Customizing a Query Report


This course is intended for anyone interested in using Query for i to query a DB2 database.


This course assumes that you have a basic knowledge of IBM i concepts, terminology, and use. You can satisfy this prerequisite by successfully completing the Manta series Introduction to the IBM i Environment.