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Coding Free-Form RPG

November 20, 2015.

Manta Technologies is pleased to announce a new course, Coding Free-Form RPG.

RPG has undergone numerous enhancements during the last fifty years. A major theme of the enhancements has been to make the language easier to learn and code. The most recent changes, called free-form RPG, continue this trend. In a nutshell, free-form RPG removes the strict column requirements for most RPG statements. As with many newer languages, statements can span multiple lines and begin in any column. In addition to making the language easier to use by existing RPG programmers, the enhancements make it possible for programmers with experience in other languages to become productive more readily, especially when performing maintenance work.

This course begins with an overview of free-form RPG and how the enhancements continue a trend that has been going on for years. The coding details for free-form H, F, D, and P specs are then covered. You will see how to code the new statements and how they compare to those with which you are already familiar. The course ends with a discussion of the tools available to write programs using the new format and to convert existing programs to use the free-form statements.

This course is intended for both experienced RPG programmers and those programmers who are new to the language.

Prices for the course start at $120 for a one-year, single-user MantaNow license.

This course is available automatically to MantaNow customers who have purchased the entire IBM i Training Library or any of the following Combination Packs.