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IBM Navigator for i

March 29, 2018

IBM Navigator for i, also known as the web console, is a browser-based interface to the IBM i operating system. It is IBM's replacement for System i Navigator, which required IBM's Client Access product to be installed on the user's PC. Initially released in 2008, IBM Navigator for i has experienced multiple improvements, including much faster response times and the addition of an IBM i dashboard, which provides system status information in an easy-to-interpret visual format.

As is often the case, people who need to know about IBM Navigator for i fall into two distinct groups:

As you should expect from Manta, we provide state-of-the-art training for both audiences.

The new series, IBM Navigator for i, is designed for experienced IBM i operators and system administrators. This series currently contains the following courses:

We say "currently contains" because additional web console topics are planned for the future.

For people new to IBM i, more appropriate options are available. First, the Using Navigator for i course has been added to Manta's Introduction to the IBM i Environment series. This series, which is the prerequisite to all other Manta courses, covers IBM i concepts and basic skills required to access an IBM system, whether through the green-screen, text-based interface or the graphical web-console interface.

For new computer operators, Manta Fundamentals of IBM i Operations has traditionally come next. It covers basic operational tasks performed using the text-based interface (in particular, using basic commands and the menus of the Operational Assistant). Thanks to IBM Navigator for i and Manta, this path is no longer required. New operators can jump immediately to the web console by taking the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series followed by Manta's newest series, Fundamentals of Operations Using Navigator for i. This series included the following components:

Using Manta courses and Navigator for i, a new operator can now become productive within a week. Training on commands and text-based menus can be postponed until they are needed for more advanced administration tasks.

Customer who have an existing license to the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series or to any of the following combo packs will discover that one or more Navigator for i courses have already been added to their menu options: