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Manta Technologies Inc. - Using the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i

Using the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i

March 30, 2015

Manta announces the availability of the final course in its series covering the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i.

The newest course, Advanced Job Scheduler Concepts, is actually positioned as the first course of the three-course series. It should be taken by managers and users who need to know the various capabilities of the Advanced Job Scheduler (AJS), but who have no need to learn the implementation details. This course is also an appropriate starting point for operators and system administrators who will set up and manage the job scheduler for their organizations.

A key feature of the course is its comparison of the five Advanced Job Scheduler interfaces:

Manta's Advanced Job Scheduler Concepts course is the only source of which we are aware that describes all of the facilities available with AJS and identifies which are available with each interface.

The second and third courses of the series provide the implementation details. The AJS Text-Based Interface covers the traditional text-based (green-screen) interface to the job scheduler, as well as the AJS commands. The AJS Web-Based Interface teaches the hands-on skills needed to set up and manage the job scheduler using the web-based IBM Systems Director Navigator for i. This is IBM's strategic product for IBM i system management. Because the screens are similar, students can also take this course to learn how to use the older System i Navigator product to perform many of the same tasks. You should be aware, however, that newest features of the Advanced Job Scheduler are available only through the Navigator for i interface.

As with all Manta series, a Student Reference Guide is available as a free download for students to use as a reference when they complete the series and are back on the job. A comprehensive Competency Exam is also provided for each course to help students confirm their mastery of the course objectives.

Customer who have an existing license to the IBM i Training Library, the Operations Combination Pack, or the System Administration Combo Pack will discover that the complete Using the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i series has already been added to their menu options.

Detailed descriptions of this series and its courses are available elsewhere on this web site.