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This course introduces the operator to the topic of IBM i problem management. It describes and expands upon the detailed problem-analysis procedure that is recommended by IBM.

The course begins with a description of the tools and information sources available to help you diagnose a system-related problem. It then details the procedures for displaying message information, performing automatic problem analysis, and working with entries in the problem log. Finally, the course covers the procedures for displaying System Reference Codes.

Approximate Study Time: 90 minutes


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the ways in which IBM i may notify you of a problem it detected
  • Identify the tools and sources of information available to you when diagnosing a system problem
  • Display all available information about a problem reported in a message
  • Recognize messages for which additional problem analysis is available
  • Initiate problem analysis from the Display Message panel, from the Work with Problems panel, or with the Analyze Problem command
  • Create a problem record when problem analysis is not available
  • Interpret the status of a problem record
  • Invoke the Work with Problems panel and use it to display the status and history of a problem
  • Transmit a problem report to the IBM service support center
  • Query IBM about the status of a reported problem
  • Mark a problem record as verified or closed
  • Display the current settings of the system service attributes
  • Determine whether a System Reference Code has been displayed

Topic Outline

Problem-Solving Tools

Handling System Problems

Automatic Problem Analysis

Working with Problems

Service Attributes

System Reference Codes


This course should be taken by the person responsible for the physical operation of the computer system. This person may be a dedicated operator or a designated user.


This course assumes that you can perform basic IBM i operations. You can satisfy this prerequisite by successfully completing the courses from the following Manta series:

Although not absolutely required, we also recommend that you take the previous courses of this series before you start this one: