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This course covers the basic operational procedures for backing up an IBM i system and restoring objects after a failure. The course begins by describing the save and restore operations that are supported by IBM i and suggests strategies for developing a backup plan. The backup strategy implemented by the IBM i Operational Assistant is described in detail. You will see how to set up automatic backups and how to tailor the backup plan to meet your installation's requirements. The course then shows you how to perform backup operations to cover situations that are not performed automatically. Finally, you will see how to restore a damaged library and its objects.

Approximate Study Time: 120 minutes


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the IBM i commands used to save or recover specified types of objects
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of various backup strategies
  • Describe the backup strategy that is provided by the IBM i Operational Assistant
  • Identify and initialize the tapes needed to support a given backup plan
  • Set up a schedule to perform daily, weekly, and monthly backups automatically
  • Set automatic backup parameters to control the objects that are copied during a daily, weekly, or monthly backup operation
  • Modify the library and folder lists that are used by the automatic backup facility
  • Print the automatic backup schedule
  • Back up IBM-supplied objects or the entire system
  • Initiate an unscheduled backup run
  • Determine the tape that contains the most recent copy of an object
  • Restore a damaged library from a backup tape
  • Restore changed objects into a library

Topic Outline

Save and Restore Operations

Preparing a Backup Plan

Preparing the Backup Tapes

Setting Up Automatic Backups

Changing the Library and Folder Lists

Special Backup Operations

Restoring Libraries and Objects


This course should be taken by the person responsible for the physical operation of the computer system. This person may be a senior operator or a system administrator.

To perform all of the tasks described in this course on a real IBM i system, your user profile must specify a user class of *SECADM and you must have *SAVSYS authority.


This course assumes that you can perform basic IBM i operations. You can satisfy these prerequisites by successfully completing the courses from the following Manta series:

Although not absolutely required, we recommend that you take the previous courses of this series before you start this one: