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JavaScript is a scripting language that a web developer can use within an HTML or XHTML document to perform functions on the user's machine. Using JavaScript, you can develop client-side routines to validate input, store data on the user's PC, and perform related tasks that are integral to a typical ebusiness application.

The course begins by describing the role of JavaScript in an ebusiness application. It then describes the format of a JavaScript program and its relationship to the HTML or XHTML document in which it is coded. The remainder of the course covers the syntax of the key JavaScript statements that are common to all standard implementations.

Approximate Study Time: 2.5 hours


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define JavaScript terms, including method, object, property, event, identifier, keyword, and literal
  • Code the HTML/XHTML element to identify a JavaScript program that is stored within the same document or in a separate file
  • Describe the basic syntax rules for coding JavaScript statements
  • Code comments in a JavaScript program
  • Name and describe the JavaScript-supported data types
  • Declare a JavaScript variable
  • Assign a value to a JavaScript variable
  • Perform common arithmetic operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Concatenate string variables
  • Convert data from one type to another
  • Declare and use an array
  • Use common JavaScript string methods, including toUpperCase, toLowerCase, indexOf, charAt, subst, and substring
  • Use common JavaScript Math methods, including max, min, sqrt, and round
  • Use JavaScript Date methods to determine the current date and time
  • Implement the following control structures in a JavaScript program:
    • If
    • If/Else
    • Case
    • Do While
    • Do Until
    • For
  • Define a JavaScript function

Topic Outline

Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript Syntax

Basic Operations

Properties and Methods

Conditional Processing



This course should be taken by individuals responsible for implementing an organization's web site. The audience includes webmasters, content developers, application programmers, and system administrators.


This course assumes that you understand of the role of HTML, JavaScript, Java servlets, and CGI programs in an ebusiness environment. This prerequisite can be satisfied by completing the first course of this series, eBusiness: From HTML to WebSphere. In addition, you should be able to code HTML. This prerequisite is covered in the second and third courses of this series:

You may also have obtained these skills by taking other courses or through relevant work experience.