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The TCP/IP in the IBM i Environment series covers the configuration and use of TCP/IP on an IBM i system.

The first course in the series provides an introduction to TCP/IP for the IBM i professional. It describes how TCP/IP is actually a suite of protocols that are arranged in a layered architecture. It then covers all but the topmost layer in detail, giving special attention to the TCP and IP protocols.

The second course describes the major services and protocols that make up the TCP/IP application layer. The use of common TCP/IP applications in an IBM i environment is covered.

The third course covers the steps you must perform to configure and run TCP/IP on an IBM i system.

The fourth course shows you how to set up and manage TCP/IP using System i Navigator. As you will see, some TCP/IP applications, including DHCP and DNS, can only be set up in this way.

Approximate Study Time for the Entire Series: 10-14 hours


The first two courses of this series should be taken by all IBM i professionals who will be using TCP/IP protocols, applications, or related products. The remaining courses are intended for the system administrator responsible for configuring and managing TCP/IP on an IBM i system.


All courses in this series assume that you are familiar with the concepts and basic operations of IBM i systems. This prerequisite can be satisfied by successfully completing the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series. A basic knowledge of data communications is also required.