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This course covers the Directory Update function of System i Access for Windows. You will see how to use this function to distribute application updates to all personal computers connected to your IBM i system.

The course begins with a discussion of the Directory Update function from a user's perspective. You will see how to invoke the Directory Update function manually and how to have it invoked automatically when Windows is started.

The course then describes how to configure the Directory Update function to update PC applications. Included in this discussion is a description of the logic used by the Directory Update function when it compares source and target directories.

Finally, the course covers the creation and use of an update package. The use of a package file can improve the performance of update processing for an application.

Approximate Study Time: 60 minutes


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Invoke the System i Access Directory Update function
  • Determine the amount of space required for an update
  • Determine which files need to be updated
  • Cause the Directory Update function to be invoked automatically when Windows is started
  • Describe the operation of a file-driven update versus a package-driven update
  • Add an application to the System i Access Directory Update configuration
  • Change the Directory Update entry for an application
  • Create an application package file for use by the System i Access Directory Update function
  • Identify the steps required to refresh a target directory when a file is accidentally deleted or replaced

Topic Outline

Running the Update Function

Configuring the Update Function

Creating Update Packages


This course is intended for technical staff members who are responsible for managing personal computers that are connected to an IBM i system.


This course assumes that you are familiar with the concepts and basic operations of both IBM i and personal computer systems. The IBM i-related prerequisites are covered in the Manta series Introduction to the IBM i Environment.

The course also assumes you are already familiar with the basic use of System i Access for Windows. These prerequisites can be satisfied by successfully completing the following Manta course:

You may also have obtained these skills by taking other courses or through relevant work experience.