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This course describes how to monitor system performance and how to tune your system to reach optimal performance.

The course begins by describing the concepts behind performance tuning. You will then see how to enable both automatic system tuning and the expert cache function to have the system do performance tuning for you. Next, the course describes how to define your own storage pool configuration. You will then see the various panels that include system performance data, and how to interpret the data on these panels. The course ends with a discussion on how to manually tune your system.

Approximate Study Time: 2 hours


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Use and define the terms related to performance tuning on an IBM i system
  • Describe how the performance of a program or group of programs can be affected by controlling processor and main storage usage
  • Identify the factors that affect the page fault rate in a storage pool
  • Determine whether automatic performance tuning is currently enabled on your system
  • Enable automatic performance tuning on your system
  • Display, and optionally change, the current storage pool configuration
  • Enable the expert cache function for a shared storage pool
  • Describe the effect of changing automatic performance tuning guidelines
  • Use the following panels to monitor system performance:
    • Work with System Status
    • Work with Disk Status
    • Work with Active Jobs
  • Adjust your system's storage pool configuration to achieve optimum system performance

Topic Outline

Introduction to Performance Tuning

Automatic System Tuning

Defining a Storage Pool Configuration

Monitoring System Performance

Tuning Your System


This course is intended for anyone responsible for managing the system activity of an IBM i system. System administrators, system programmers, and system operators would be personnel operating in this job capacity.


This course assumes that you have a basic knowledge of IBM i facilities. You can satisfy this prerequisite by successfully completing the courses in the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series.

In addition, you should have an understanding of IBM i work management concepts and system values. You can satisfy these prerequisites by successfully completing the first four courses of this series: