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This course describes IBM Systems Director Navigator for i. Because this product is a browser-based interface to the IBM i operating system, it is more commonly known as the web console. If you have used System i Navigator, you will see that the web console provides similar capabilities. The major difference is that System i Navigator requires special software to be installed on the user's PC, while the web console uses a standard browser.

The course begins with an introduction to the web console. You will first see how it differs from previous IBM i interfaces. Then, you will see how to start and stop it.

Basic use of the web console is discussed next. You will learn how to use the controls provided by the web console to locate and invoke individual functions. You will also see how to use the web console's rich help facility. More advanced controls are then covered, including how to filter and sort the data displayed by the console. You will also learn how to identify pages to be displayed automatically when you start the web console.

The course then provides an overview of the tasks you can perform using the web console. The course ends by describing how to control which web console functions are available to different users and user groups.

Approximate Study Time: 90 minutes


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the major differences between the web console and System i Navigator
  • Start the web console
  • End a web console session
  • Access the web console Help facility
  • Navigate the web console window to locate a specified task
  • Display help information about a particular task
  • Select an action for an item in a web console table
  • Use web console controls to filter or sort a table
  • Close individual web console pages
  • Add a web console page to your Startup Pages
  • Identify the web console group that contains a specified task
  • Restrict the web console functions available to a particular user or user group

Topic Outline

Introduction to the Web Console

Web Console Controls and Help

Controlling Tables and Pages

Overview of Available Functions

Securing the Web Console


This course is intended for anyone who will use the web console to access an IBM i system. This audience includes system administrators, operators, programmers, and other personnel.


This course assumes that you are familiar with the concepts and basic operations of IBM i systems. You can satisfy these prerequisites by successfully completing the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series.

A knowledge of the System i Navigator is also desired but not absolutely required. System i Navigator is covered in the Manta series of the same name.

These prerequisites can also be satisfied by completing other courses or through relevant work experience.