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Manta Technologies Inc. - Figuring the Total Cost of Training

Figuring the Total Cost of Training

By any measurement, the total cost of training using Manta courses is significantly less that that of any other training method. The following are typical costs for a new operator, comparing the Manta Introduction to the IBM i Environment series and the Fundamentals of IBM i Operations series to a four-day classroom course covering the same topics.

Manta CBT courses

License for CBT courses: $1,296
Student time (20 hours @ $40/hour): $800
Total for first student: $2,096
Total for each additional student: $800


Class fee: $2,695
Student time (4 days @ $40/hour): $1,280
Airfare $400
Hotel (4 nights) $600
Meals, etc. $240
Total for first student: $5,215
Total for each additional student: $5,215

Even with this simple analysis, several lessons stand out: First, travel and lodging expenses are a significant part of the cost of lecture-based courses. If you cannot attend a course in your own city, self-study courses are a significantly cheaper alternative.

Second, the student's time is a major part of the overall cost. Self-study training can eliminate travel time and significantly reduce the time needed to complete a course. With Manta training, students can typically learn the same material in half the time of a lectured-based course. One reason is that a student can proceed at his or her own pace rather than the pace of the slowest student in the class. Another reason is that IT professionals tend to be "visual learners," who absorb web-based materials at a pace much faster than a lecturer can speak.

Finally, the cost for training additional students is dramatically less with Manta. In the example, the Manta series saves $3,119 for the first student, and 4,615 for each additional student.

When you figure that Manta courses can be taken repeatedly — at work or at home when the student's schedule permits — the decision becomes a "no-brainer." Using Manta saves big bucks.