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IBM Navigator for i, also known as the web console, is a browser-based interface to the IBM i operating system. If you have used System i Navigator, you will see that the web console provides similar capabilities. The major difference is that System i Navigator requires special software to be installed on the user's PC, while the web console uses a standard browser. IBM has announced that IBM Navigator for i is its strategic graphical interface, meaning that future enhancements will be made to Navigator for i rather than to System i Navigator.

Currently, System i Navigator courses exist throughout the Manta curriculum. These will be replaced by Navigator for i courses in the coming year. The System i Navigator courses will remain available for customers who are still using the older IBM product.

Approximate Study Time for the Entire Series: 6-8 hours


This course is intended for anyone who will use the web console to access an IBM i system. This audience includes system administrators, operators, programmers, and other personnel.


The prerequisites for each course in this series are unique. See the course description for a course to see its prerequisites.